“Any day fishing is better than a day at work!”


When is the best time to go fishing?

Our fishing season lasts from April-May thru early-mid October.  Spring fishing targets Coho Salmon which average 2-6 pounds.  This fishing is fast-action and very forgiving.  They have high table quality.

May thru the middle of June

Are you looking for fast, hard hitting spring fishing?  We have the answer for you by taking you fishing out of Kenosha for Coho Salmon.  Spring Coho fishing is some of the best fast action fishing of the year.  Limits of aggressive Coho blended with dancing Steelhead and giant King Salmon are common during this period.  Most of the Coho will usually range from 2-8 pounds and the King Salmon and Steelhead typically range 4-20 pounds.  Another added bonus, is that Coho taste delicious.  This is a great opportunity to introduce children and novice anglers to Great Lakes fishing.

Mid June thru mid October

July and August are the two months we recommend if you want to catch big fish that put up a great fight.  The weather is generally warm and enjoyable.  During your journey, you can expect a chance at a monster King Salmon, dancing Steelhead, spunky Coho, or lunker Brown and Lake Trout.

Good catches are common at this time with King Salmon weighing an average of 8-22 pounds or more.  Steelhead at this time vary from 5-18 pounds or more.  The fishing is often very exciting with troophy potential.

During the months of September and October, depending on the weather, we begin to fish close to s hore.  You will stand a chance at catching huge 4 year old King Salmon and big Brown Trout that often average in size from 5-20 pounds with an occasional trophy over 20 pounds.  At any time of the fishing season, these fish will give you a thrilling work out and a delicious meal.


Video by Tyler Gajewski